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Bluedust Engineering Solutions represents a group of experts from different technical backgrounds. However, the one thing they have in common is their passion for excellence and sustainability. With two PhD degrees and more than 10 years in the Demand Side Management sector, saving energy for large industrial and commercial customers as part of the ESKOM EEDSM initiative, Bluedust’s engineers are perfectly suited to assist clients with their EPC applications.

The EPC Process can be daunting simply because the regulations are new. But, with the right technical knowledge, and a deep understanding of the EPC standards and regulations, Bluedust will assist customers towards becoming EPC compliant and take the first step towards improved energy management!

What are Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings?

EPCs are certificates issued by an SANAS accredited inspection body that display the energy performance per square meter of a certain building. This energy performance is measured against a benchmark based on the building occupancy class and the climatic zone where it is located.


Why apply for an EPC for your building?

1.Global Best-Practice.
Common practice in the EU, used for calculating
the integrated energy performance of buildings.
Energy efficiency is a major step towards overall
sustainability in any economic sector.
Buildings account for around 30% of all energy
consumption globally, representing a major
share of greenhouse gas emissions.
4.Mandatory in South Africa.
Since 8 December 2020, it is mandatory for
privately owned qualifying buildings to receive and display an EPC.
For official regulations Click Here

Which Buildings Qualify for a compulsory EPC?

Buildings purposed for:

Buildings larger than 2,000m².​

Buildings older than 2 years.

Buildings that have not undergone major renovations in the past 2 years.

A1 - Entertainment and public assembly

Occupancy where persons gather to eat, drink, dance or participate in other recreation.

A2 - Theatrical and indoor sport

Occupancy where persons gather for the viewing of theatrical, operatic, orchestral, choral, Cinematographical- or sport performances.

A3 - Places of instruction

Occupancy where school children, students or other persons assemble for the purpose of tuition or learning.

G1 - Offices

Occupancy comprising offices, banks, consulting rooms and other similar usage.

Our prefered SANAS accredited inspection partner.

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